Environment and sustainability

There is hardly a company today that does not focus on sustainability. Clients expect a responsible approach to the resources of our environment and make the awarding of contracts dependent on this.

Transport and carrier companies are aware of this and are increasingly having themselves certified accordingly.
Energy is saved, recycled paper is used, waste is reduced, an innovative approach to current and future environmental challenges is sought.

To save fuel, drivers are trained, fuel-saving tires are fitted, telemetry systems are used. The driver has an enormous influence on consumption. Deadline pressure, hassle, phone calls increase the stress factor and cause consumption to skyrocket. Fuel-saving tires are expensive and the expected reduction in consumption is marginal.

LiquidSOL improves the bottom line for the environment and the company.

In addition to saving diesel through individual optimization of the engine control software, the CO2 balance of the engines improves in analogy. When less fuel is burned, CO2 emissions drop. Burning one liter of diesel releases 2.62 kg of CO2.