Sustainable improvement in operating result

Gut feeling is not a reliable indicator of the profitability of a vehicle fleet.

Especially in transport and hauling companies, where the cost of fuel often accounts for around 30% of fleet costs, a saving - depending on the area of operation - of between 8-15% represents a significant improvement in the operating result. In classic long-distance transport, this corresponds to almost a doubling.

Fairness in our dealings with each other is extremely important to us.

Based on individual customer data, we calculate not only the potential diesel savings, but also the payback period and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions when optimizing with LiquidSOL.

Our main focus is on reducing the consumption of commercial vehicles.

For this we offer the analysis of consumption data before and after optimization. Many factors come into play here, first and foremost driving consumption, tonnage, route profile, average speed and driver rating.

A general rule:
The more demanding the route profile, the higher the diesel consumption.
The higher the initial consumption, the greater the absolute savings.
The more expensive the diesel, the faster the investment pays for itself.

We will be happy to provide you with a personal offer, including a calculation of your diesel savings, the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and the payback.

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