Individual solutions for individual requirements

LiquidSOL optimizes combustion engines in a tailor-made manner without reducing the durability of the engine.

Our focus lies on reducing the consumption of commercial vehicles. No modifications are made to the vehicle, nor are additives used. The modification is done solely by software.

Optimization is possible for trucks, construction machinery and construction site vehicles, agricultural and forestry machinery, buses and motor homes, but also for passenger cars and vans.

Small businesses and private individuals are just as welcome as companies with larger vehicle fleets.

Detailed advice, fairness, flexibility and reliability are our hallmarks.

For road-legal vehicles in Germany, the registration of a performance upgrade is required. For this we offer optional TÜV part certificates. This service can be offered solely in Germany.

Our general terms and conditions apply.

Control unit repair

Not every control unit has to be replaced if it has a defect. Often this defect can be fixed with a software solution or a repair. If you have problems with a defective control unit, please contact us. A repair is usually much cheaper and less time-consuming than the procurement of a replacement control unit.